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Published May 25, 2010, 06:36 PM

Recent Rain Too Much For Some Fields

Recent rains have left some fields looking more like lakes. Some of the hardest hit crops are in Northwestern Minnesota.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

These are fields just east of Thief River Falls, in the Goodridge area. Just last week things were looking good, then the rains.

Howard Pearson / Pennington County Extension : "Half an inch to two inches with some more rain on Sunday. And then yesterday towards late afternoon, that is when the whole sky opened up."

Over the last three days about two inches of rain fell just north of Thief River Falls. And just east of Thief River Falls, here they they received over five inches.

Howard Pearson: "We could take some of it. Absorb basically the first inch after that is started running off. We got some washouts, ditches are full. The pot holes are full, and some areas when water normally back up because the ditches are flowing."

Pearson says the wheat can survive in the water for two to three days, and those soybean, most which have not come up yet can survive more then four days underwater.

Pearson: "If the water will go down. With the next couple of days we should be ok. "

Those farmers might get a little help from mother nature as the forecast calls for drier conditions over the next few days.