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Published June 03, 2010, 07:41 PM

Emu Oil Flows At NE North Dakota Ranch

In the early 90's Emu farms hit their peak in popularity. By the end of that same decade the emu market crashed. Despite some tough times in that market a North Dakota women is now making a living of the birds.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

Three Emu chicks explore their pen at the Morning Star Emu Ranch near Inkster North Dakota.

JoAnna Stinar/Rancher :"They grow really fast. The tall one is about a month, the other two are about two weeks."

Ranch Owner JoAnna Stinar expects to have 20 new chicks to hatch this spring. The eggs are collected in the winter and store at a cool temperature. About two months ago Stinar placed in an incubator. Now the eggs wobble with life, as the chicks prepare make their big break. Stinar will keep about half and sell rest.

Stinar: "Red healthy meat, fat is made into oil for the skin. Leather into many products. "

Of all the uses, Stinar says it's the oil that has her business taking flight. One harvested bird can produce up to two gallons. After it is processed Stinar sells it online for about $9.00 an once.

Stinar: "Doesn't matter if it is moisturizer, eczema, sun spots on your skin, even burns on wounds."

Stinar has been able to feather her nest egg with the birds for the last 15 years. But says it's only the last three she has been able to survive solely off the business.

Stinar. "But the emu oil has been helping people. It almost like provide pain relief whether it's dry itchy skin, sore muscles or joints, people are very happy with this very affective product."