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Published June 05, 2010, 07:52 PM

A Car Show To Please Everyone

The Devil's Run Car Show brings people together with one common interest.

By: Lezlie Johnson, WDAZ

This weekend is the 18th Annual Devils Run Car Show in Devils Lake.

Among the many events taking place over the weekend, the car show seems to be the most popular...and for one guy...the most fun.

Engines revving,tailpipes firing and rims sparkling. What is eye-candy for a passerby is a car lovers dream.

The car show is just one of the many events here at Devil's Run, where some people like to sell their cars, others like to show them off.

Bob Taylor owns a 58' Chevy Impala. "It was built to drive, like it isn't original, it's got a new engine, new front end and power steering, brakes...but it drives nice."

So what is so special about this particular car?

"We were here 5 or 6 years ago, I can't recall which one and Candy Clark and Bo Hopkins that were in American Graffiti were here. so on that side Candy Clark signed the inner fender and on this side Bo Hopkins signed it. So i thought that was kinda cool."

And just one of the reasons Taylor keeps coming back.

"It's the people you meet, enjoying the cars. like you have to like all the cars, but everything's beautiful in one guy's eye or another. but nice people, we've met people at shows we're still friends with from 15 years ago."

Friends made because of the love of a car.

This is Taylor's 9th year attending the car show, and he says he will keep coming back.

Activities at Devils Run go through tomorrow at 3 p.m. when there will be raffle drawings, a closing prayer and song.