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Published June 09, 2010, 05:41 PM

Grand Forks County Sheriff Candidates Focus On November

It will be Bob Rost running against Mike Flannery in the November Grand Forks County Sheriffs race. Rost, from the Sheriff's department, received more than 40-percent of the total votes in the unofficial results. Flannery, who narrowly beat third place finisher Chris Hutton, is hoping for better numbers in the fall election.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

After the votes were counted from the six candidate race for Grand Forks county sheriff. It was Major Bob Rost from the sheriffs department with the commanding lead.

Major Bob Rost / Candidate for sheriff : "When six people are involved in an election. To be able to pull the numbers like 41, 42-percent. Is very good."

Detective Mike Flannery from the Grand Forks police department narrowly edged out Chris Hutton to be the other candidate for sheriff. He says he would have liked to have had a large percentage of votes like Rost, but is counting on a bigger voter turn out in November, and a different outcome.

Mike Flannery/Candidate for sheriff : "There are a lot of people didn't vote in the primary. There are also a lot of votes out there for people that didn't make it through. So there is a lot on the table."

Both Rost and Flannery say they have a lot of work to do. Rost says he will spend a lot of time campaigning outside the Grand Forks city limits.

Rost : "I'm going to have to meet with people in small communities and stuff like that. And tell them that they matter too. It's not just Grand Forks, it's the small communities around Grand Forks."

Rost and Flannery say don't expect any mud slinging this election. But Flannery's says he will be working hare to steal votes away from Rost this November.

Flannery: "Bob and I have been friends for years, We have worked together. I'm going to keep it as professional as possible, I expect he will do the same."