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Published June 16, 2010, 09:54 PM

How To Enforce Texting Ordinance

It's another way to stop people from getting into accidents and Grand Forks City leaders are taking it head on.

It's another way to stop people from getting into accidents and Grand Forks City leaders are taking it head on. The Grand Forks City Council is taking action by stopping texting while driving.

It will take 5 weeks be for a texting ordinance can be put in place. But the question is how are cops going to enforce the ordinance and how does the public feel about a ban.

Its something people do everyday at home, work and in the car.... texting is getting so big that its becoming a problem and the Grand Forks City council is looking to take that threat away. Once the City ordnance is in place Police Officers can start searching for it as a primary offense.

Lt. Grant Schiller/GFPD:" If we see someone weaving in traffic or maybe speeding or disregarding a traffic signal and forget to stop. If we find out later that that person was texting causing a diversion of their attention which caused a violation then we can institute a violation for that."

Lt. Schiller says he's in favor of the ban and many people we talked to today agree.

Josh Folley/Area Resident:"I don't know how many times I have been in traffic and see people looking down and texting on their phone and swerving they don't know what they are doing you know and it causes accidents."

It takes a person 4 point 6 seconds to send a text message...a long time to be taking your eyes off the road. A recent study found truck drivers were 23 times as likely to get in an accident while texting.

Kathie Wirkus/Area Resident:"They have a hard enough time trying to drive let alone trying to do 2 or 3 things at one time."

Lt. Schiller says it may not be popular with a lot of people in Grand Forks but they are trying to save lives.

Lt. Grant Schiller/GFPD:"The ultimate goal is to reduce the number of accidents in the community reduce the number of injuries, fatalities reduce the number of traffic accidents that's going to effect a lower reduction on everybody's insurance. It saves lives, it makes sense its a good idea."

The City Council will talk about fines and set up public hearing at this Mondays council meeting.