WDAZ: Your Home Team

Published June 17, 2010, 07:02 PM


The Standing Rock Tribal Council voted today and say they have made a final decision that the "Fighting Sioux" nickname remain retired.

The Standing Rock Tribal Council voted today to make a final decision that UND's "Fighting Sioux" nickname remain retired.

Nickname supporter Archie Fool Bear was at the meeting Thursday. He tells WDAZ that tribal council member Jay Taken Alive made a motion before the council that it shall be the final decision of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe that the "Fighting Sioux" nickname and logo are retired and further discussion by the tribe is not necessary. Fool Bear says Taken Alive told the council that there are many other issues of priority on the reservation that need timely attention.

Fool Bear says in the vote today, 10 council members supported the motion, and 4 opposed it. Petitions presented by both nickname supporters and an anti-nickname reservation group were not addressed, according to Fool Bear. WDAZ could not reach Tribal Chairman Charlie Murphy for comment tonight.

Archie Fool Bear is a leader of a group of nickname supporters who want the issue of UND's use of the "Fighting Sioux" nickname brought to a tribe-wide vote. He says this is the not the end of the road for his group, and that they are pursuing other avenues to make a tribe-wide vote on the nickname's use happen.

The North Dakota state Board of Higher Education has decided to retire the "Fighting Sioux" nickname, but board members have said the issue might be revisited if Standing Rock holds a vote and supports the nickname.