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Published June 23, 2010, 08:35 PM

New Grafton Mayor

There has been a change of leadership in the town of Grafton.

There has been a change of leadership in the town of Grafton. In the June elections one Mayor stepped down and familiar face stepped up. Chris West was just voted in to office and he already has plans to better the town of Grafton and he says those plans won't happen over night.

After sitting on the Grafton City Council for six years, Chris West decided to take his role in the city to the next level. As a Native of Grafton and long time businessman he doesn't believe that running this town will be any different.

Chris West/New Mayor: "Its like running a business, its going to be the same thing you may not be there all the time but you have to have your finger into the pulse of everything. Lots of communication back and forth with our city administrator and the office staff obviously."

West says he doesn't have any big changes in the works for Grafton right away but plans to try and enhance the quality of life for residents.

Chris West/New Mayor:"I don't plan any big changes in our staffing or anything like that right now. We all have been working toward common goals as a council and mayorship as well so, were all just trying to make our community a better place to live."

Two of his long term goals ares to continue a plan for a flood diversion project and West wants to help bring new jobs to help the community continue to grow.

Chris West/New Mayor:"We will be doing some more mom and pop shops and things like that so hopefully we can bring in a couple hundred jobs into town over the course of 10 years or something like that."

West says he will always keep the welfare of Grafton in mind.

Chris West/New Mayor:"Were trying to maintain and grow a little bit and build on the foundation that we've had that our fore fathers have had some good incite to keep keep us strong."

West says even though he has been a life long resident of the community he dosen't consider himself an expert, but plans to work with the council stay on top of town issues.