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Published June 25, 2010, 09:45 PM

AT&T sees I to I with Grand Forks

The partial sale of Alltel Wireless and AT&T is now final. The communications company bought Alltel only in certain states, which includes North Dakota.

By: Meagan Millage, WDAZ

Current Alltel customers don't know when exactly their plans will switch over to AT&T, but some are excited about the possibility of getting their hands on the new iPhone 4G.

"I have an iPod Touch and I love it- all the neat things you can do with it. So if I could just combine the two, that would be great," Alltel customer Collin Newberry says.

Almost all wireless dealers have some type of smartphone on the market to compete with the iPhone, adding to the growing popularity of the smartphone.

"I use a smartphone for the purpose of email and messaging and things like that. It's a little more responsive than other phones I've had," smartphone user Brian Anderson says.

But these phones often come with a bigger price tag and a more expensive plan.

"I have music on here, you know, some videos and stuff, some pictures you just want to throw on there. So as long as you can have the use for it, justify it. But if not, maybe you shouldn't be looking into a smartphone," Newberry says.

AT&T bought Alltel Wireless in 18 states and once the network transition is complete, about 1.6 million subscribers will be under AT&T's coverage with access to the new iPhone.

"Honestly, I wouldn't mind having an iPhone just because of the neat little gadgets you can put on there and things like that. And again, I love my little touch screen so just an upgrade in a touch screen would be neat," Newberry says.

AT&T's transition will go into effect over the next 12 months.