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Published June 29, 2010, 06:38 PM

Wet Fields Will Cut Into Crop Yields

A wet May and recent rains are proving to be too much for some farmers. North of Alvardo ditches are full, and fields are soaked.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

Tractors are used to run pumps to drain water standing in bean fields west of Argyle.

Donald Nomeland / Farmer : "Bring the ditches down and water out of the fields."

On the Jeff Chwialkowski's farm crop are under water in several areas, he too has the pumps going.

Jeff Chwialkowski / Farmer : "Speed of exit, Ditches are full, taking water from the east and rivers are full. Not taking it as fast."

Until he and his hired help can get back in the field they will stay busy working on equipment.

Jeff Chwialkowski: "Went frost free through April which was amazing and then May came along and I think everybody in the valley knows what May has been, cold wet and wet."

Chwialkowski says from Thursday to Saturday they received four inches of rain.

Jeff Chwialkowski: "Maybe normally it would have been have decent to take. We were so wet. We have been saturated since May so it wasn't good. We've got crop loses and full ditches, as you look around you can see water everywhere."

And some of those crops in water logged fields are showing signs of stress, by turning a yellowish color. What crops might make a come back, will depend on the weather.

Jeff Chwialkowski: "We need about a month like today. Perfect, eighty and sunshine."