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Published July 01, 2010, 08:37 PM

The Tanning Tax

Starting today, there is a 10 percent tax on indoor tanning services as part of the health care reform bill passed earlier this year.

By: Meagan Millage, WDAZ

The new law effects anything that gives off UV rays, so tanning lotions and spray tans are not included.

The government expects the tax to raise $2.7 billion over ten years.

This 10 percent tax is being passed on to the customer all around the country... Except at Club Tan in Grand Forks.

Like most tanning salon owners, the owners of Club Tan aren't happy about the tax, so they plan on doing something a little different with it.

"Our plan at this time is that we aren't going to be passing that tax onto our customers, that we are going to be paying that ourselves. I'm just having a really hard time with the tax, and I'm not comfortable passing that on. And it'll be hitting the middle-class and the majority females. And I just think that there's so much wrong with that that I'm making the decision to pay that tax myself," Club Tan owner Ronda Pokrzywinski says.

Most tanning salons are expecting a customer loss and a cut to their bottom line, but Club Tan owners are moving forward and opening a third location later this year.