WDAZ: Your Home Team

Published July 05, 2010, 06:04 PM

Fourth Of July Cleanup

A fun night on the Fourth of July leaves quite a mess to clean up on the fifth.

Now that fourth of July is over, there is a lot of empty shells and firework garbage all around the city of Grand Forks.

So who get's left with the cleanup?

"By the country we'll see a lot of debris of broken shells and stuff just laying around. People will try to cleanup but there'll still be excess debris lying around." Generous Jerry's worker Anna Jacobs said.

Some people who don't have a lake cabin or home outside city limits...find a gravel road to shoot off those firecrackers, and that's where the trash seems to pile up.

"When their done shooting off fireworks it's not exactly the safest thing to do to load them up because they could still be smoldering and stuff so a lot of people leave their fireworks on the side of the road."store manager Jane Breyer said.

Generous Jerry's hires different organizations each year to help with the cleanup and this year it was the Girl Scouts.

"They search the roads and stop and pickup garbage and load it into trucks and we bring it here. They do that on the fifth and a last sweep on the sixth because a lot of people will go light them off for the last time tonight." said Breyer.

The business just wants to keep fireworks around and keep those roads nice and clean and workers there say it's important to clean up no matter where you are.

"Last night me and my family did it in our street, that's where we lit them off on. We cleaned them up because obviously we have little kids in our neighborhood and you don't want that stuff laying around." said Jacobs.

Taking time to cleanup, to keep fireworks around, for years to come.

Workers at Generous Jerry's say it's important to douse used fireworks with water before moving them, because they stay hot for quite a while.