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Published July 06, 2010, 05:06 PM

Graffiti Found In Grand Forks

Police are investigating graffiti found in the areas of 24th Avenue South and 34th Street in Grand Forks. The vandalism includes a swastika painted on the south side of Ben Franklin School at S. 20th Street.

Graffiti found in Grand Forks this morning has people worried about their own property and officers concerned about what it might mean.

The spray paint was covering quite a large area and some officers say this is the most they've seen at one time in over ten years.

It happened in the area of 24th Avenue South and 34th Street. A swastika was also painted on the side of Ben Franklin School, which is located at 1016 South 20th Street.

"What they're looking for is attention so they put it somewhere where a lot of people can see it." Grand Forks police Sgt. Dwight Love said.

The vandalism to the school includes a swastika with the letters "HSN" and "102" near it. The graffiti to the homes covers not only several garages, but a vehicle was vandalized as well. People living in the 24th Avenue South neighborhood say they think it's strange.

"I've lived in Grand Forks for the past five years, I moved from L.A. to here and we like the quieter countryside type living and we fell in love with it. This is L.A. graffiti and that's where we're from, so we're actually used to that, but we didn't expect it up here." area resident Larry McCleary said.

Officers say they get calls about the spray-painted property, sometimes with more worries than just the cost.

"People are always concerned it's the start of a gang problem, and we're concerned too at the P.D. that maybe this is the start of something, but we are a pretty good community." said Love.

And although some may be used to the look.

"Kids will be kids." said McCleary.

The Grand Forks Police department is investigating.

"It's important to get the graffiti off anything that's been tagged by these people because the faster you remove it, the less likely it is to occur again. So we work with management companies and the owners of the properties to get it put back the way it should be as fast as possible.

Officers say the penalty for getting caught vandalizing property with spray paint depends on the cost to fix whatever is ruined," Love said.