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Published October 13, 2009, 10:44 AM

WAO Cancels Classes Due to Flu Outbreak

Classes and activities at Warren-Alvarado-Oslo have been canceled through the weekend due to a flu outbreak.

By: Christine Boggy, WDAZ

Classes and activities at Warren-Alvarado-Oslo have been cancelled district wide after a flu outbreak kept about 100 of its 220 students out of classes today.

With Thursday and Friday already scheduled off for Education Minnesota, Superintendent Bryan Thygeson said canceling classes tomorrow was a natural reaction to try to protect remaining students from infection.

Bryan Thygeson: How much more exposure do we put the students through and the staff through...so its a safety issue.

Christine Boggy: After nearly 50 senior high students missed school yesterday, even more called in sick today with flu-like symptoms...leaving just half the high school in school.

Bryan Thygeson: You get to a certain point that when you have so many students absent, such a high percent academically what are you able to accomplish?

Christine Boggy: Ever since school started there has been a concern about swine flu...with doctors and administrators urging parents to keep their children home if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms

Bryan Thygeson: If you have the high fever, stay home until the fever breaks, and it takes a few days.

Christine Boggy: Missing nearly half of the high school makes it hard not only to conduct classes but to hold after school activities as well.

Bryan Thygeson: We knew that we would have some students trying to come back tomorrow so that they would be able to play on Thursday and we know that some of those students have tested positive for influenza A, they should not be playing so we decided let's cancel everything, we're not gonna have any activities for the remainder of the week.

Christine Boggy: Due to the time it takes for H1N1 testing, there have

been no confirmed cases as of right now, but this is the first time in

the district's history that a breakout like this has hit so fast and

taken out so many students.

Bryan Thygeson: I can't ever remember seeing more than 1/3rd in 25 years.

During these five days without students, the school will be disinfected and sanitized in an effort to reduce spreading the virus once students return on Monday.