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Published July 07, 2010, 05:27 PM

Cleaning Up GF Graffiti Vandalism

Grand Forks police don't think the latest rash of graffiti is gang related. But they say they will keep an eye out for a signs of a gang presence in future graffiti.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

Some Paint thinner and a lot of elbow grease are what Gary Kokron is using to take the graffiti off the apartment garages on south 34th street in Grand Forks.

Gary Kokron Removing Graffiti: "They use something we can take off with chemicals, then we will go ahead and use and take it of. "

Kokron's says he will have to paint over this graffiti on an adjacent garage because there's just too much to remove. Police say buildings on South 12th Street were also hit along with Ben Franklin school where the district worked today to removing a spray painted swastika along with a set of letters. Grand Forks police don't believe the graffiti at the school is connected to the others done in town over the weekend. Sargent Dwight Love says because there is no gang activity in Grand Forks, the vandalism is not likely gang related.

Sargent Dwight Love / GFPD : "They do it for attention and the attention is what leads to their downfall. The more they do it the more they get and somebody will call in or give us some intel and hopefully we can catch them."

Love says they will monitor any future graffiti for repeated symbols, or patterns they could use to paint them a better picture of who was behind the cans.

Love : "It certainly helps, that takes time. It's not something that we have a lot of. ">