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Published July 07, 2010, 04:53 PM

One Manvel Man Missing...Another in Jail

It is like something out of a movie. One brother is arrested while another goes missing. 45 year-old Rodney Chisholm is facing charges for the second time in less than a week in Grand Forks. The first time was for possession of stolen farm goods, this time for stealing another brother's car.

By: Jen Dame, WDAZ

Theft charges. A missing man. Searching the Red River. It has all the makings of a Hollywood movie...but it is playing out in real life in Manvel.

Bob Rost/Grand Forks County Sheriffs Dept.: "A person accidentially wandered in on this driveway and ran into a piece of equipment and damaged his vehicle so subsequently we came out and investigated and when we were out there one of the deputies observed a skid steerer that had the old owners name on it."

45 year-old Rodney Chisholm is facing charges in Grand Forks of theft of property for stealing his brother Keith's car. Initially Rodney was arrested for suspicion of possessing more than $100,000 in stolen farm equipment including 10 skid-steer buckets, one hay binder, an ATV, and a number of hand tools.

Meanwhile his brother, 59 year-old Donald Chisholm was last heard from around June 23rd.

Bob Rost/Grand Forks County Sheriffs Dept.: "it's as though he vanished. Our timeline shows that roughly the last time Donald was seen was the 23rd of June and we are currently interviewing a lot of people."

While authorities are unsure if the two incidents are related or if foul play is involved in Donald's disappearance, its not something they are ruling out.

Bob Rost/Grand Forks County Sheriffs Dept.: "Any scenario is possible that is why we have to evaluate all of our information and interview people and then come up with some kind of a resolution."