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Published July 08, 2010, 08:16 PM

Official field hearing in Devils Lake

Senator Conrad holds an official senate budget committee meeting in Devils Lake.

Continuing problems with the rising waters of Devils Lake brings Senator Kent Conrad to town.

He's collecting testimony to take back to Washington to the White House's inter-agency working group.

Waiting for the big disaster is how those living on Devil sLake describe their situation.

Words used today at a senate field hearing were devastation, desperation, deteriorating, and disaster.

Sen. Kent Conrad "Well all of these things should be sobering to anyone who's listening."

The ultimate solution is to get water off lake but everyone knows is not that easy.

"There are many options that must be considered but there is no quick or easy solution that's the hard reality here. Nothing is going to happen over night."

Those who spoke at the hearing say the rising waters o Devils Lake have become a statewide problem, a problem that has taken 17 years for everyone to realize that a solution needs to be round, and everyone's cooperation is needed.

"We know that even if we make a decision, if we get everybody to agree, federal government and the state government, the local government, and they all agree, people still have the ability to go to court."

The west end outlet is currently flowing at 250 Cubic Feet per second.

So the water is on its way out...slowly.

"We have to work hard, we have to work smart, and we have to work fast."

Members of the working group from Washington will be in Devils Lake next week meeting with city officials to better understand what needs to be done.