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Published July 08, 2010, 09:46 PM

A Motorcycle For Our Veterans

A few North Dakota men have put together a motorcycle honoring veterans.

By: Meagan Millage, WDAZ

This 1969 Harley Davidson may sound like a typical motorcycle.. But a quick glance at its design will show that it is anything but ordinary.

"And it started out as um just building a bike- a guy wanted to build a bike. And as it got going on and kept going on, it ended up being a veterans bike," John Hanson, who helped build the bike, says.

This motorcycle dedicated to all United States veterans is a collaboration of ideas from three men, one of them being John Hanson.

"Yeah, it means a lot to me. I was with this, you know, from day one when they were talking about designing it. And as a veteran I've lost friends over in Vietnam. I've known other people that have died here, you know from Grand Forks, North Dakota and the guard units. And its.. You have different emotions when you think about it and talk about it," Hanson says.

The designs airbrushed into the bike are also significant to the men and to all veterans.

"Field cross represents a loss. Boonie-stomper means a veteran came home. And like I said before, the barbwire from POW-MIA," Hanson says.

The bike took about a year and a half to complete and this is only the third time it has appeared at a car show.

"A lot of them will look at it and some of the veterans become choked up when they saw the field cross- of course that means we lost somebody. So we got to start thinking about the ones that- from the past, as well as the ones that are currently involved in the war now," Hanson says.

The motorcycle was designed and put together by Roger Westerso of Grand Forks, Clark Hagen of Williston, and John Hanson of Grand Forks. It will be in Grand Forks at different car shows and veterans events until the end of August. Then it will take off for Sturgis.