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Published July 13, 2010, 06:36 PM

State and National Leaders in Devils Lake

National and State Leaders are in Devils Lake this week to hear concerns about the rising lake.

Some of the newly formed White House group appointed by the President.

Try to imagine 211,000 acres of farmaldn eaten up by the waters of Devils Lake.

Thats more than 162,000 football fields.

Most of those farm acres are irreplaceable, and thats only some of the concerns heard today.

Farmland, homes, roads, utilities, and mental and financial stress are just a few things people in the Lake Region listed today as concerns about Devils Lake flooding.

Meetings with the interagency group from Washington are being held this week.

Jeanine Petterson of the working group says, "its a real good opportunity for the federal agencies to come together all in one group and look at this closely. We were here this week to look at issues on the ground and hear directly from the locals and I think that's going to be realy important to the process."

A process that some say is just another waiting game.

Rita Staloch is a resident of Minnewauken she said "I have gone to dozens and dozens of meetings. The meetings will never end, they will continue and continue. We keep giving the information to new sets of faces."

These faces from the interagency working group are here as a focus group.

Which some feel isn't really a solution.

"everyone well intentioned but with goverment ther eis no one person that ever gets to make a decision so the meetings continue. They cost a lot of money to the contry and the problem is not being solved."

Suggestions were not given today by the panel.

It was more of a listening session for them.

"but we have to have some type of promise that this will come to some greater good rather than just a lot of wasted hours."

There are meetings both Wednesday and Thursday.

The information from these meetings will be taken to Minneapolis for more discussion then on to Washington D.C. where more information and recommendations are due by September.