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Published July 14, 2010, 06:37 PM

Finishing Construction Projects before School Starts

Devils Lake Public Schools have their first day in about an month and a half and even though it is summer people are still wandering the halls.

Schools out for summer so you'd think it would be quite.

But Devils Lake has countless things going on.

New bleachers, new lockers, new additions, a lot to tackle before August 25.

Scott Privratsky is the Business Manager for Devils Lake Public Schools. He said, "there are a few things that are legging behind but overall we think we're going to have everything ready to go when school starts."

One of the bigger projects is the new bleachers in the sports center, making it easier for older Firebird fans when they attend games.

And even though things might be running on schedule that doesn't mean there haven't been set backs.

"Whenever you tear into a building that was built in the 50's like Sweetwater and you're going to do some renovating, you'll have a few surprises but nothing thats been overly extra ordinary or going to delay things a really long time."

Funding for the projects comes from a $2.5 million bond voters passed in the fall, 1.5 million from the general fund and federal stimulus money.

"It's a huge benefit for our district. Not only for future generations of kids that are going to walk through the halls of Devils Lake Public Schools as tax payers."

All they can hope for now is that it will last.

"We just want to do it right when we're doing it so its going to last for another 100 years or whatever we need it to."

New bleachers and a gym floor are being put in at Sweetwater Elementary and the middle school is getting new lockers and an update to the girls locker room.