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Published July 16, 2010, 07:14 PM

Smoking Ban Starts In Less Than A Month

The Grand Forks Smoking ban effects all work places is only a few weeks away.

The Grand Forks Smoking ban effects all work places is only a few weeks away.

The new Grand Forks smoking ordinance will take affect in less then a month. The new ordinance will extend the city's smoking ban to truck stops and bars. Now that the date is fast approaching, are bars and smokers ready? Dennis Blackmun, the owner of Joe Blacks, says they're going to be ready for the smoking ban and his customers are as well.

Katie Hughes/For Smoking Ban:"Well they seem to be against it but once they figure out that they feel a lot better in the morning afterward instead of being all smelly and what not and they are feeing a bit healthier I think they are going to be for it.

Blackman says they will be listening to their customers before building a smoking shelter or doing any major construction outside their bar.

Dennis Blackmun/Co-owner Joe Blacks:"If we see that someone is putting in a smoking patio that's very popular we will do the same thing. Until we see the reaction of the customers, we are just going to hold off until we see what they want."

Blackmun also says the will be closing down the bar for about three days to do some painting and duct cleaning to get rid of the smoke smell.

Dennis Blackmun/Co-owner Joe Blacks:"You just can't get rid of that smell by going non-smoking. the smell is there, and that's the approach that we are taking is going to be non-smoking lets start out with a nice fresh facility."

One smoker says that she's ok with going outside to smoke and doesn't think it's a very big deal.

Katie Hughes/For Smoking Ban:"You know more states are constantly doing it, so it's something that probably should be done; if you want to smoke, go outside. It's not that hard really."

Dennis Blackman says that he had little complaints about the ban from his smoking customers and it should be a smooth transition, the smoking ban takes affect August 15th.