WDAZ: Your Home Team

Published July 17, 2010, 09:19 PM

Two Brothers, Two Coaches

Two brothers originally from East Grand Forks are back together this weekend as their baseball teams face each other on the diamond.

Jim and Kevin Nunn both played baseball growing up and are now both coaches. When their teams play each other, they say it's not about winning or losing; its about learning from each other.

These two brothers live in two different towns, coach two different teams and play in different leagues, but they look forward to game nights when their teams can play each other for some family fun.

Kevin Nunn/East Grand Forks Coach: "He had things to do and I had mine; we might had time to see each other once a month even that, so now we are trying to schedule about four or five games a season."

But for these two East Grand Forks natives and their teams it's not about the final score; it's about the learning experience the kids can get from both coaches.

Jim Nunn/Edina's Coach: "When we were younger I think that was more but like the first time he said here to me was can you look at one of my pitchers? I was a pitcher when I played up here. Can you look at one of my pitchers and give us some ideas on what to do."

Kevin Nunn/East Grand Forks Coach:"It's fun; it will get us ready for districts because we start districts next week Wednesday and will help them because they will be facing our better pitchers today."

Both of the brothers say no matter the score, they're both brothers and have the upmost respect for one another.

Jim Nunn/Edina's Coach:"We're both at that age where we have a chance to help each other; he has a great knowledge on the base of baseball, and he's used that, and he has used that with our kids before, help them with their hitting, and it's a great time."