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Published July 20, 2010, 06:21 PM

First Blended Fuel Gas Pumps In Grand Forks

From E-20, E-30 and E-85, Grand Forks drivers can choose how much ethanol they want in their gas tanks.

By: Brady Mallory, WDAZ

From E20, E30 and E85, Grand Forks drivers can choose how much ethanol they want in their gas tanks. For the first time, consumers can pick their blend at the gas pump. The American Coalition for Ethanol held a press conference at Valley Dairy on 24th Avenue and Columbia.

The four new gas pumps created very much excitement at the service station.

"We're the first in Grand Forks to offer the blended pump." said Valley Dairy owner Monica Musich.

Four years of conversation with the American Coalition for Ethanol and Valley Dairy on South Columbia now offers the ability for customers to pick their blend with the push of a button.

"Before this they didn't have a place to go for E-85, let alone E20, E30 and blended fuels," said Musich.

"Giving the consumers a choice of different blends they can try out on their cars.. To see what fits them right," said James Aarsvold with the North Dakota Corn Growers

Merle Anderson with the American Coalition for Ethanol points out the newest fuel option in town is not just about the customers.

"Ethanol is just plain good for the country in a lot of ways."

Anderson said most newer cars can use the corn-based renewable fuel. Beyond supporting local corn growers, he said a lot would happen if people chose a 30-percent ethanol blend rather than regular gasoline.

"We'd send thirty percent less money overseas everyday. The transfer of wealth that's been going on all these years needs to come to a stop."

What is good for the country is good for Grand Forks.

"Good for us too to have these pumps. If you have a flex fuel car we are here for you."