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Published July 22, 2010, 07:38 PM

Summer Reading Program a Big Hit

Library's aren't known for being noisy but today at the Lake Region Public Library it was a different story.

It's not often you hear this at a library.

But today they're having a party.

It's the wrap up of the summer reading program for the Lake Region Public Library.

And just because its summer doesn't mean kids aren't reading.

Pat Strand, Children's Librarian says, "it's steady we'll see them now until school starts."

Kids chose different amounts of time to read..number of books or even number of pages.

One even read over 5-thousand pages in 6-weeks.

"the K-6 I had 100 hand in logs which is really great. That's over and above what we've had before. It's about 72%. So I'm really happy and same with the teens. I had 15 our of 22 turn in so that was about 72% also."

Each kid was given a prize for completing the program.

Devils Lake Businesses also donated prizes for the top readers.

Library Director Jim Chattin says the parents are a big part of the summer reading program.

"it helps form a habit of not only reading, but having fun reading and being entertained by reading and letting the child's imagination not just early on with the pictures of course, but later with the narratives.

So only if you complete the summer reading program...

Are you aloud to be loud at the library.

When summer ends the library does see a decrease in the number of kids that come and check out books.

But they do have a story time for pre-schoolers that starts in the fall.