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Published July 23, 2010, 05:17 PM

Motorcycle Deaths on the Rise

Traffic deaths in North Dakota are trending lower, but the percentage involving motorcyclists is higher than any of the previous three years.

The number of traffic deaths on North Dakota highways is down compared to this time last year, but motorcycle deaths are already ahead of all of 2009.

Capt. Kyle Terness of the Highway Patrol says, "We have seen a few more motorcycle fatalities then we had last year."

10 in North Dakota as of yesterday and that's already 3 more than 2009 had total.

"In 2008 we had 13 motorcycle fatalities so we're not seeing a large spike if you look at our recent data."

Everyone on the roads is asked to take caution when they're driving

"We ask people to use caution especially when they are passing through intersections. Often times that when we have the collisions with motorcycles and also before passing. On-coming traffic, make absolutely sure that you don't have a motorcycle on-coming or coming through that intersection you're approaching."

Motorcyclists need to be aware also.

Sometimes bikers are at fault.

"know that other motorists may not see you as readily as they would if you were in a passenger vehicle. Sometimes its easy for people to miss you, so as a motorcycle rider you should have that in the back of your mind as well"

1-second could be the difference between life...and death.

"sometimes just taking that extra moment is going to make a difference between whether or not there's a crash."

It is required by law that drivers under 18 wear a helmet.

Also if you're a passenger of someone under 18..no matter what your age...it is required you wear a helmet.