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Published July 25, 2010, 03:23 PM

New Warroad Port Of Entry Is Running Smooth Its First Summer

This is the first summer for a new 39-million dollar Warroad port of entry. It replaces a much smaller port built in the 1960's.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

Looking more like a type of tourist or visitor's center,

the the new thirty-nine million dollar Warroad port of entry opened in February of this year replacing the previous building built in the 1960's.

Brian King : "Warroad Port Of Entry Director: We moved from roughly four thousand square feet to forty thousand square feet."

Port of entry director Brian King says having more than ten

times the space in the new port will help them keep up with the

traffic and commerce along the U.S and Canadian border twenty-four hours a day.

Brian King : "There is a lot more traffic then there was in 1962. And

our staffs have increased immensely since then as well."

King says in addition to the extra room, the new building

comes with the latest technology to ensure safety for the public and

the inspectors.

Brian King : " So we can better facilitate traffic in a more rapidly

manner. It also affords a canopy area for us to complete our


The design of the buildings exterior shell features a cedar

and a landscape designed to blend with the wildlife that

live here in lake country.

Brian King: " We didn't want a brick building necessarily , did want to match the surrounding environment. I think you see a product here that has some natural wood elements fits into the surrounding area."