WDAZ: Your Home Team

Published October 14, 2009, 03:07 PM

Tickets At A Premium

The Big UND Minnesota hockey battle is just days away. And tickets are at a premium. It took just seconds for them to sell out at the box office. So how much would you pay for your seat? If your willing to put out the big bucks you may have a chance.

By: Steve Bodakowski, WDAZ

There's no question about the magnitude of this weekend's series pitting the UND Fighting Sioux against neighboring rivals the Minnesota Gophers.

Tre Gillaspie: "The hugest its a big rivalry between the two teams its just Fighting Sioux Pride."

But how much would you be willing to pay to get your hands on a set of these?

Mae Puppe"I don't know maybe 100 to 150 dollars I don't think i'd go more than that."

Tre Gillaspie: "You can't put a price on it maybe more than 200 dollars."

If your willing to shell out the money you're in luck. A Sioux ticket website run by ticket master called ticket exchange lets season ticket holders sell unused tickets as single game tickets, with no risk to the buyer. Sellers put a price on them and anyone can buy them.

Heather Reardon: "The buyer uses a credit card then that money goes into the season ticket holders account for renewal for next year. The original tickets bar code is then cancelled, then new tickets are reissued through e-mail to the buyer."

But they don't come cheap. There's about 25 tickets for sale for Fridays game. Here's one for 100 dollars, another for 150 dollars, and even 316 dollars for a set of two tickets.

"It doesn't surprise me to get seats that close when you can see right up front it's amazing."

Ticket master says it took seconds to sell out the series. The box office price of each ticket? Only 45 dollars.