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Published July 29, 2010, 09:43 PM

Community Garden Flourishing

The Grand Forks community garden is blooming as it holds an "Open Garden."

The Grand Forks community garden is blooming as it holds an "Open Garden" Thursday. Amazing Grains sponsors half of the garden and the other half is rented out to people in the community.

The Garden is in full bloom as volunteers and community supporters came out tonight to help tend to the garden. This garden is not only thriving but looking to expand to other neighborhoods.

Muriel Kingery/NNN President:"I think that their are some great opportunities in the neighborhood, I think that if we find the people to do it we'll find the space."

Muriel Kingery is the Near North Neighborhood president and she says seeing the growth of this garden gave them the idea of adding a community garden in their neighborhood.

City Councilman Eliot Glassheim says that they were scared of what was going to happen but now they would like to see more gardens like this one.

Eliot Glassheim/City Council: "The council is very excited about the success of it and so I think that we would be very interested in another one, two or three similar if the right people can manage it and have a plan how to do it."

Caylan Larson/Amazing Grains: "What people were against was a garden that was either out of control or abandoned in our society that's so rich it gets harder and harder do things that pay off with a little amount of work."

Larson says that the rented lot is being well kept and some are seeing high yields of produce. But a garden like this comes with some opposition. Larson says that they are working with the opposition to make the garden work for everyone.

Caylan Larson/Amazing Grains:"People will have different opinions on what the value is on this kind of stuff so we hope just to show that it is a valuable asset for the community."

Larson says, they are having more volunteers then there is work to be done. He hopes that they will have the ability to have the garden next year.