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Published July 30, 2010, 08:54 PM

UND Parking Fees Increase Again

Students and faculty heading back to school at UND will face another increase in parking fees.

By: Meagan Millage, WDAZ

The price for a student parking permit at UND is now $155.. Up $85 from just two years ago.

A task force made up of 24 faculty, staff, and students set the increases to be phased in over three years.

"[The task force] looked at this question for months, the better part of a year, and everyone agreed that the recommendation to go to the current pricing schedule was where it needed to be," Tim Lee, Parking Services Manager for UND, said.

The price increases for all permits may seem drastic, but Lee says the previous fees were far too low.

"I do. I think that they're based truly on what it costs to park a vehicle on a paved surface," Lee said.

"Lee says the cost of constructing and maintaining newer surface lots, like this one, has a lot to do with the yearly increase in price."

"So the cost of providing parking, because now we also have to be in tune with protecting ground water and so on, it's going to raise the cost even more," Lee said.

UND charges faculty and administrators more than students, which is typical of most universities. But how does UND's pricing compare with other schools?

"Just in our immediate area we're a little bit more than like Moorhead State and NDSU. But when you look at many other campuses that we would be comparable to, we're very comparable or less," Lee said.

And how do students feel about the rising price for parking?

"Well I kind of, I see both sides of the issue. I see the need for increased cost due to, you know, things like the parking lots needing to be fixed because of our bad winters here. But I also see it being a major burden to students," UND student Theresa Rerick said.

That price burden could cause students to opt out of a permit this year, and choose another way to get to class.

"But this year I'm thinking about trying to hold off and see if I can get there with my bike," Rerick said.

Besides yearly maintenance like striping and surface repairs, UND is still paying off bonds for surface lots and the 750-space parking garage.