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Published August 02, 2010, 07:59 PM

More Families Leaving Rural Churchs Ferry

Churchs Ferry has been bought out for years. And as residents outside of town try to carry on their livelihood, they run into countless problems.

Howard Blegen, of rural Churchs Ferry, "We're just a small story of what has happened."

A small story that's been put on a dvd.

The aerial photos only cover a 5 by 10 mile area..which Blegen says is being forgotten.

Howard Blegen, Churchs Ferry Resident "we have no buyouts, we have no roads, and we have no flood insurance."

No flood insurance because their houses were built at a higher elevation. However residents are having to move because they can no longer get to those houses.

Howard Blegen, who lives south of Churchs Ferry says, "right now there's really no options other than to move."

The road from Blegen's home to highway 2 has water over it.

Driving through it is not safe for anyone...and he has a 15 and 12 year old who have to get to school.

"There hasn't been anything done to protect the rural areas and that rural area goes all the way around the lake," says Blegen

The video started out as a slide show for his family and turned into something with more meaning.

Blegen asks, "how did this happen, why did it happen and I guess I feel a little negative on it now, but we're too late to do anything."

Anything but what they don't want to....

"They don't want to leave the area...this is home," says Blegen

He says he refuses to sell the video because it would be like charging his neighbors to look at their disaster.