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Published August 05, 2010, 06:17 PM

More Residents Leaving Home

It's a sight no one likes to see. A family leaving their farm because its about to be swallowed up by the waters of Devils Lake.

Its something no one wants to go through.

Leaving a childhood home because water won't allow you to live there anymore.

It's been a while since Tammy Tollefson hasn't worried about water.

Tammy Tollefson: "In the late 80's we were in a drought and you would have never dreamt that you would be looking at this."

Now water that was over a mile from her rural Churchs Ferry farm...is swallowing her pastures.

Tollefson says depending on what the weather is like...some days she can't haul hay.

Tammy Tollefson: "At what point to they decide not to provide is accessibility to our property and how do you leave with absolutely nothing?"

Because the water will not touch their homes...flood insurance is not available to some.

Howard Blegen: "We've been told that they won't build roads to access farm land without being able to get to our residence moving is the only option."

Which after growing up on the farm...isn't something they want to do.

Howard Blegen "Most of us are from families that were born and raised here."

" I've been on this place for 28 years so how do you walk away from what you've worked for, for so many years?...you fight for it..you have to," says Tollefson

Some good news is that the county line between Ramsey and Benson County's has received money to be built up.