WDAZ: Your Home Team

Published August 05, 2010, 10:07 PM

Forx Roller Derby

Its a sport that's new to our area but not to the country.

Its a sport that's new to our area but not to the country. Roller Derby is taking the midwest by storm one rink at a time.

The sport Roller Derby has more rules and regulations than you would think. But you do finish with your fair share of bumps and bruises.

Some of you may have watched it on tv in the 50's and 60's other may have seen roller derby in the recent movie "Whip it". The founders of Forx roller derby says the movie is not even close to the actual way the game is played.

Kelly Gray/Co-founder:"We don't allow punching and kicking and tripping its basically a race and your blocking."

The game is played on a flat track with five women on each team. They have positions as blockers, pivot and jammers. You score a point by the jammers passing members of the other team. While it's all fun, derby girls say the best part is receiving your roller derby name.

Chris Knutson/Derby Girl:"It helps your whole persona, im Ivana smack a chick, there's Jump and Jewels flash, gray matter, shmilly ruckus and Betty Gravist."

To even play the sport, the girls have to take written tests on the rules and regulations and pass physical endurance tests. Those who make it say it's a great way to blow off some steam.

Kelly Gray/Co-founder:"It really good anger management because it can be kinda aggressive sport its not mean but it can be aggressive and its very empowering for women."

These girls are not all what you would expect most of them are professionals by day, but at night their derby girls.

Chris Knutson/Derby Girl:" By day I'm the sweet front desk lady and by night I'm a bad roller derby so its a fun thing to step out of the box get out of your norm."

Fargo has had a team for the past year and they are now starting a men's leagues