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Published August 07, 2010, 06:40 PM

Open House At Camp Grafton

For the first time, the public got to take a peek inside the Regional Training Institute at Camp Grafton.

The open house and building dedication ceremony today at Camp Grafton gave people the chance to take a look inside the new 30-point-5 million dollar facility and people were amazed.

For the first time, the public got to take a peek inside a new building at Camp Grafton.

"Wonderful, beautiful place they should be able to train really well here." former guardsman Herb Felch said.

The 164th Regiment Regional Training Institute had a dedication ceremony today with hundreds of people wanting to see the inside...and Guard members proudly showing it off.

"Right now it's providing jobs for 90 plus soldiers, that's good for the lake region area, the state of North Dakota and certainly the Guard. We are taking in soldiers to be trained from fifty states, three provinces and a couple territories." Commander Sargeant Orville Wang said.

The regional training institute trains almost 60-percent of Reserve Army Engineers in the United States...teachers say this building will help them in more ways than one.

"Instead of trying to coordinate one building with another and then get them together in some neutral area where we have the availability and space to train all those soldiers at one time. We can actually bring them together in one building and have the space here that we needed." Course manager Charles Holzer said.

The Institute offers 25 engineer courses each year with more than 200 classes. And as of now, with 60 classrooms, people say the training will be even better.

"No doubt it the troops are going to be trained a lot better with a facility like this here. It'll be good. It'll be wonderful." Felch said.

"It's a good thing, it's long in coming, it's very deserving we feel very fortunate and we're going to do a good job." Wang said.

Phase two of the project is scheduled for 2017 which is budgeted for 20 million dollars and will include over 200 rooms when finished.