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Published August 07, 2010, 07:45 PM

Small Town Breaks Big Record

It was a record-breaking harvest in Winkler, Manitoba today!

It was a record-breaking harvest in Winkler, Manitoba today! Thousands of people from all over the world came to the small town to watch hundreds of combines try to make it into the Guinness book of world records.

Amanda Mochan/Guinness Judge:"And I'm happy to say today you set a new world record with two hundred combine harvesters so congratulations Winkler!"

Thousands of people lined the field near Winkler, Manitoba today to watch 200 combines harvest 300 acres of wheat. The combines traveled at one and a half miles per hour...finishing the job in just ten minutes. That's a new world record. When people first heard about the challenge, they were a bit sceptical.

Abe Banman/Winkler, MB:"When you start talking about this over two hundred combines if figured how can a little community like Winkler get this to work you know."

As you can see behind me all 200 combines are unloading their grain, but for one farmer he is just glad this is going for a good cause.

Lerry Zacharias/Combine Driver:"Not only that you have fellowship with each other like farmers join together bring out 200 machines."

Organizers say they didn't expect this much support from around the area.

Derek Unra/Event Organizer:"It was great to see the turn out from communities all over here today so it's just unbelievable for the support we're so thankful."

Abe Banman/Winkler, MB:"It just shows other communities that if people really work together, with the lords help the amazing things that can be pulled off."

Organizers say they did make the record for the amount of combines harvesting at once, but did not make the record for the quickest time.