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Published August 09, 2010, 05:45 PM

Mitzel in Court Monday for Two Class B Misdemeanors.

93-year old Faith Mitzel of Oberon was in court Monday for 2 class B misdemeanors...driving under suspension and driving without liability insurance.

Judge Donovan Foughty "Do you understand the nature of the charge?"

Faith Mitzel "no I'm not guilty."

93-year-old Faith Mitzel's plea was not entered in as a formal plea though today in court.

Lonnie Olson "At this point our primary concern is to prove up our case so whether she is going to enter a guilty plea at a later point or we need to prove up our case by jury trial of by a bench trial that's our first goal."

On May 19 Mitzel was involved in an accident that left one person dead and two others injured.

That charge could be used against her in her latest case.

Mitzel was caught last week driving even though her license has been suspended.

Olson says "In any criminal case a persons prior history is to be considered by the court in fashioning a sense that's appropriate for the case we have and in the situation that prior accident in May will definitely be considered if there is a guilty plea or a finding of guilty by a judge or a jury."

Judge Donovan Foughty ordered the Benson and Ramsey County Sheriff's remove the license plates from the nine vehicles registered to Mitzel.

The tenth has been impounded and will stay that way until she can show a valid drivers license.

"So if any of them would move, the law enforcement officer could have reasonable suspicion to pull them over and stop the vehicle," said Olson.

And today Mitzel was given a warning.

Judge Foughty "If you end up driving again, we're going to place you in jail and hold you, do you understand that?

Faith Mitzel "I have a driver."

Judge Foughty "ok..that's good."

Mitzel declined to comment after the hearing.

She will be back in court on August 23.