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Published August 10, 2010, 05:37 PM

Oslo Cemetery Expands To Save Graves

Some graves in the Oslo cemetery that are in danger of being washed out during spring flooding will be moved. They will be relocated to a new expansion which opened this summer that will be protected by the town's dike.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

This is what the Riverside Cemetery looks like when the Red River floods in the spring. Tops of the taller headstones just about the water.

Karen Cote /Cemetery Assn : "The river is actually cutting into the part of the cemetery and putting some of the stones in eminent danger. Eventually that whole cemetery, The river will erode it out. "

That is the reason, The local Riverside Cemetery Association has expanded the cemetery just over the dike, to the dry side.

Cote: "The ice has actually been knowing over the monuments and everything and its getting costly to put those back. "

Cote says the expansion has been a two and a half year project. The former farmland was donated and well as much of the development nearly 350 plots. Now the process will begin to move those graves most in danger of being washed out.

Cote:" We are trying to find family members that are around that could help us with moving of the graves. But if there isn't relatives around we will have to do something with those graves. "

Cote says those caskets that have been exposed have been reburied in the older section of the cemetery before the expansion was complete. And about a dozen more graves on the river bank are planned to be move before this fall.