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Published August 11, 2010, 09:29 PM

Listen Drop-In Center Celebrates 40 Years

The Center helps people with disabilities make friends and fit in to the community and has a performing arts group.

The Listen Drop-In Center is celebrating it's 40th anniversary tomorrow night with quite a performance.

The Center helps people with disabilities make friends and fit in to the community.

The Listen Center has a performing arts group who travels around the Midwest performing.

Tommorrow night they will be in Town Square.

Dancing, swinging and moving to the beat.

"This is our 40th anniversary that we've been doing this and it's a lot of fun." performer Donny Gamache said.

The Listen Center in Grand Forks is celebrating its 40th year tomorrow with a performance from a group they started in 2003.

"The Listen Center is the one that believed that performing arts is for everybody and that everybody should have equal opportunity and equal chances for dancing and singing." program director Carla Tice said.

The performing arts group does a different performance each year and travels all over the Midwest. People from the Center say this group was started because of a large interest in theatre.

"I truly believe everyone wants to express themselves in one form or another. What this has done for folks is give them self-confidence and you can tell how much it energizes them just by the smiles on their faces and the energy they put into the show." Listen executive director Charlie Bremseth said.

The performers say they are excited to perform tomorrow night, but sometimes they're a little nervous.

"Saying my speech is the hardest part." performer Kim Rygg said.

"Dancing and singing."Gamache said.

Directors say the celebration tomorrow is a place to not only watch a fun and unique performance but to celebrate change.

"There's been a lot of changes in Grand Forks over the last 40 years since I've been with it for 32 I've seen remarkable changes in the community and I don't know if we've been a part of it or not, but I'd like to think we were." Bremseth said.

Listen Drop-In's 40th anniversary celebration is tomorrow night at 6 p.m. in Town Square.