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Published August 14, 2010, 06:05 PM

Smoking Ban Starts Tonight At Midnight

Tonight is the night of nights.

Tonight is going to be the last night that you will be able to light up in a Grand Forks Bar as the smoking ban takes effect at midnight tonight.

As of 12:01 tomorrow morning smokers in the town of Grand Forks will have to put out their last butt. Bar owners say they are allowing smoking till the bitter end.

Tonight is the night of nights for smokers. The Grand Forks smoking ban will take effect at midnight. But some bar owners are asking why midnight.

Jeanie Vigen/Jonny's Manager:"Well that leaves us two hours of to still serve alcohol, you know as a business day and I wish they would have left it until two in the morning until close and moved it till noon on Sunday."

Most bar owners are going to allow their smoking customers to smoke right up to the midnight deadline. But once the clock hits 12:00 they are pulling the ash trays.

Jeanie Vigen/Jonny's Manager:"Im hoping its not an issue because like I said they all knew it was coming."

Ryan Moe/Hub Manager:"The majority of people that come in here are pretty respectable and they are just going to have to comply with what we tell them."

Hub manager Ryan Moe says the bar is going to ring in the smoking ban like ring in the new year. Both bar managers say business may slow down but not forever.

Jeanie Vigen/Jonny's Manager:"It might be quiet for a while but they are going to come back they are not going to stay at home and drink you know they want to be where their friends are."

Ryan Moe/Hub Manager:"It will level itself out eventually, but I think in the beginning stages its going to be rough for some people."

Again, the smoking ban takes effect as of midnight tonight.