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Published August 16, 2010, 09:53 PM

Funding For Drayton Water Project

A meeting today in Drayton gave people a chance to talk with Senator Byron Dorgan about flooding.

A water project in Drayton will soon become a reality.

The project is for a sewer lagoon which the city has had issues with during flooding.

It may be a bigger issue if a Fargo-Moorhead diversion brings more water to Drayton.

A meeting today in Drayton gave people a chance to talk with Senator Byron Dorgan about flooding.

Dorgan's Energy and Water Appropriations bill includes 250-thousands to protect their water system during high water.

"Everyone's concerned because the water just can't be much higher than it is, we are only protected so high." Drayton City Council member Michael Larson said.

The city's wastewater treatment pond is often threatened when the Red River gets high. Some today expressed concerns that a Fargo-Moorhead Diversion could bring even more water to town every spring.

"I'm not interested in transferring problems from one area to another. No one's interested in that." Senator Byron Dorgan said.

"I liked hearing them talk about it and it sounded like they're really for it, so that's important." concerned resident Larry Ritzo said.

Grand Forks Mayor Mike Brown says they are working to make sure people are protected and it's important to think about who this diversion may affect.

"We see the importance of flood protection of the communities to allow them to grow and prosper and recover from these types of things. We also need to be mindful of downstream impacts, I think with mitigation and proper evaluation of the corps this can be worked out." Brown said.

With the Corps of Engineers still working on numbers, Senator Dorgan says these projects will help with flooding and people should review the information when it comes out.

"When all the modeling is done and you get an assessment of how this is going to impact various parts of the Red River Valley then everybody can weigh in and say, "here's the impact on me and here's what I believe should be done about it." Senator Dorgan said.

People in Drayton say this project is important and although they are still worried about future flooding problems, this is a step in the right direction.