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Published August 17, 2010, 05:45 PM

Possible Solution to Saline Spots in Fields

Evaporated water is causing problems for farmers in Ramsey County.

The high salt content left after the water is gone is destroying their land.

But there could be a possible solution.

It's a site no farmer wants to see.

Empty spaces in their crops that will have little to no return at all.

But Bill Hodous is hoping to change that.

Bill Hodous "They're still tilling, still seeding, and and they're still harvesting, but the return is not there for them. So if we can bet that back into some kind of a good productivity is just good for us all."

Hodous is working a a saline tiling demonstration.

A project used to reduce the amount of salt that stays in the land after water evaporates.

He says, "because of our high water tables, our salt content is included in that layer as the water comes to the surface the water evaporates leaving the salt behind and that's where the saline areas keep getting larger and larger and larger."

The demonstration site will be near Edmore.

Hodous will check it about 3-times a year.

"To check it where the waters coming in below where the waters coming in, and we'll be checking for sulfate and magnesium and see if we've actually done some good in reducing the saline content of that soil," said Hodous

Working to reduce the salt content and help the farmers.

Bill Hodous "Hoping that we can get the infiltration of water down through this pipe system and get it out a different end and take salt with it to reduce the run-off of salt into the main stream."

Hodous says that it's important to know that in order to begin the project there are permits and approval that is needed...which he has gotten.

He hopes to begin the project as soon as the crops are harvested.