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Published August 18, 2010, 06:32 PM

Local Lamborghini Hits GF Streets

If you recently did a double take because you thought you saw a Lamborghini driving in Grand Forks, you not alone. A Grand Forks man fulfilled a dream by buying a 2001 Diablo Lamborghini.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

A few more cell phone cameras are clicking in Grand Forks this week as an orange Lamborghini cruises the streets. Roger Tilbury fulfilled a dream when he came to the states from South Africa to work a UND Aerospace in 1980. Another dream came true just a few days ago when bought his first Lamborghini.

Roger Tilbury/ Local Lamborghini Owner : "Been following Lamborghinis for 30 years in fact I've thought of building a replica. Cause I couldn't afford a real one. Times change."

The car has speed Tilbury says he doesn't need. The Diablo series Lamborghini is capable of going from 0-60 in less then four seconds with tops speeds of over 200 miles an hour.

Roger Tilbury: "All so the highest HP of the diablo 550, which is something to get used too. "

Tilbury says he got a good deal on the Lamborghini which has a online market value in the neighborhood of of 170-thousand dollars for that year and model.

Roger Tilbury/ "2001 Diablo, last and most powerful of the Diablo. Very lucky to find it. From a man in New York City."

Tilbury says car has pulled in a lot of attention in a short time.

Roger Tilbury: "Whenever you park it guys are right on your tail. Most of the people love the paint. Its a special florescent orange color."

Tilbury says like a typical sports car it can get a little tricky to drive in everyday traffic.

Roger Tilbury: "People tend to formation on you and watch, and it has two very severe blind spots and the two rear. You are alway watching the mirror all the time. "

Tilbury is enjoying the attention a Lamborghini can bring, and hopes the car will inspire others like it did for him.

Tilbury : "Tremendous number of thumbs up, and I'm having a lot of fun just driving it."