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Published August 18, 2010, 09:01 PM

ATV Deaths On The Rise In Minnesota

All-Terrain Vehicle deaths are increasing..making Minnesota officials nervous.

All-Terrain Vehicle deaths are increasing and making Minnesota officials nervous. So far 16 people have died in ATV accidents this year. The most recent was just the beginning of August.

Over the past year accidents and Deaths on All-Terrain Vehicles are going up. Officials say that death is rare but accidents happen every week.

Stuart Bensen/Conservation Officer: "A lot of the accidents happen crossing roadways there again all the rules of the road apply stop look both ways before you go don't just look once or twice, look four or five times before you do cross."

To drive ATV's on a roadway by law you have to have a valid drivers license.

Stuart Bensen/Conservation Officer:"We do see speed, I have clocked one that's going 75 miles an hour and turned out to be an 8 year old operator."

Bensen says he has seen accidents come mainly from men of all ages and experiences. So one thing he can't stress enough.

Stuart Bensen/Conservation Officer:"Safety, Safety, Safety."

Bensen says no matter your age you should take the ATV training courses to make sure that you can properly handle your machine.

Stuart Bensen/Conservation Officer:"Parents these are not toys these are not babysitters they are very powerful machines."

If you are an under 18, you are required to wear a helmet when riding and ATV. Bensen says no matter your age you should always wear a helmet, eye protection and make sure your bike fits you.