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Published August 19, 2010, 05:09 PM

Teachers Learn About Sexting

Teachers were learning about all types of things today from information about fresh fruits and vegetables to sexting.

With school starting next week..a lot of schools are holding in-services this week.

And some teachers in Minnewauken have more on their minds than class curriculums..

A beep means there's a new text message.

It's something teachers can't control.

But a trend becoming very common with teens and young adults is sexting, students sending sexually-explicit messages, sometimes pictures to each other.

Stacey Heggen is a Benson County Extension Agent.

She says, "we want to get the word out to people who are involved with them so that they know it is happening and what they can do to prevent it or decrease it from happening."

Sex-ting isn't something that's brand new, but to some teachers, its something they've never had to learn about.

Travis Risovi, the Minnewauken School Counselor,says "technology is the world today and you've got to keep up with the times and make sure you teach children that there's a lot of things that come along with it. There's responsibilities with it and they have to understand them."

The harshness of laws has increased as sexting has become more prevalent.

With some kids even being put on the list of registered sex offenders.

"They think is an innocent thing, maybe a fun thing, a flirty type thing. They don't realize what could happen because of it," says Risovi

And even though North Dakota isn't the size of New York, sexting still happens here.

"I think it definitely happens. I had a statistic that said 1 in 5 teens are participating in this activity and I think unfortunately North Dakota is no exception," said Heggen.

Heggen says there are many steps to identifying if your child is sexting, including monitoring their text messages and limiting the amount of messages they can send and receive.