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Published August 19, 2010, 06:17 PM

Downstream Commissioners Vote to Amour the Tolna Coulee

Both the Valley City and Barnes County Commissions have asked the Army Corps of Engineers to armor the Tolna Coulee.

A resolution passed by both commissions says residents fear an uncontrolled outflow of extremely poor-quality water from the east end of Devils Lake.

The commissions are asking the corp to armour the Tolna Coulee at an elevation of 1-thousand 4-hundred 59 feet above sea level.

The resolution isn't sitting well with the people of Devils Lake because the outlet is pumping as much water out as it can and the water will freeze up at a high level.

Ramsey County Commissioner Mark Olson said "we've been telling them for years that we have this problem and they've kind of ignored us. Now it could be their problem and now they're paying attention."

Devils Lake Mayor Dick Johnson and Ramsey County Commissioner Joe Belford will be going to Washington D.C for a meeting on September 3rd.

They'll be discussing the suggested solutions given by the Devils Lake Task Force.