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Published August 23, 2010, 06:20 PM

Soo Line Depot Back in Use

A new business calling Old building home

Trains still come through Devils Lake on the Soo Line every Tuesday and Thursday.

However if there are people in the Depot..its not because they've gotten off the train.

Many historic buildings in Devils Lake have been turned into apartments.

But this one is special...

Arika Johnson "its a lot of character that in newer construction now its hard to come by."

Arika Johnson has restored the old depot...turning it into a photography studio.

Studio A Photography is now calling the old building its new home.

"A comfort in older buildings with all the original woodwork and the character as far as a back drop to the people that I'm photographing," says Johnson.

She says when she first walked in the building the ceiling was on the floor.

Johnson says, "it took us about 6 months , every day around the clock."

But she's determined to bring more visual arts to the Lake Region.

Arika Johnson "it opens our minds and our eyes to creativity. It allows us to explore boundaries or beyond boundaries that we never really thought about before."

Johnson eventually would like to turn the Soo Line Depot into an art gallery for artists in the Lake Region to showcase their work.