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Published August 23, 2010, 06:27 PM

Mitzel Asks for Jury Trial

A 93-year old Oberon, North Dakota woman was in court today facing 2 misdemeanor driving charges.

Faith Mitzel is in court facing charges of driving while her license is suspended and driving without liability insurance.

Faith Mitzel was involved in a May 19th crash where she crossed the center line hitting two motor cycles injuring the two drivers and killing a pregnant passenger.

Mitzel was given a $20 fine and her license was suspended.

She continued to drive and was picked up on August 3rd by a Ramsey County Sheriff's Deputy for driving with a suspended license and driving without liability insurance.

Mitzel was in court this morning where a judge told her she was unable to attain a court appointed attorney.

She said she has representation but it was unavailable today.

Mitzel asked for a jury trial and did not enter a formal plea.

She also said that she did have insurance at the time of the incident.

Mitzel says, "I called the insurance company and they had canceled my insurance on account of the other car but I have 2 insurance and I told them to immediately share that I did have insurance."

Ramsey County States Attorney Lonnie Olson asked Judge Donovan Foughty to impound all of Mitzels vehicles but the judge said it was unnecessary.

A jury trial has been tentatively set for October 6.