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Published August 24, 2010, 05:27 PM

School for the Deaf Students Attending Devils Lake High School

Devils Lake Public Schools begin school tomorrow and as of last night they'll have a few new full-time students.

The regular meeting of the Devils Lake School Board was held last night and along with many back - to - school issues, conversation centered around one topic.

The hallways are empty today, but the minutes of summer are slowly ticking away.

And with six students from the North Dakota School for the Deaf beginning classes at Devils Lake High School tomorrow morning, everything needs to be perfect.

Steve Swiontek, the Superintendent of Devils Lake Public Schools, says, "we're very excited about that. They receive a great education at North Dakota School for the Deaf and we hope and we believe we're going to provide them with just as good of education at Devils Lake High School."

An agreement between the 2 schools was drafted by representatives from each school.

The contract allows NDSD's high school students to receive all of their credits at Devils Lake High School this year.

Swiontek says, "I think its going to benefit not only their students but our students as well. I think its a real plus for everybody."

The students will have all of the special services as they would at the School for the Deaf.

And even though most are excited about it...the agreement did not get a unanimous vote.

"I think the school board was pretty cautious in what they did with it after they were presented with the issue back in June," said Swiontek.

There is a possibility the agreement won't last.

Swiontek says, "its only for this year, this school year at this point. Whether or not this continues next year, I think time will tell."

Members of the school board who opposed the agreement said the plan moved to rapidly and they feel they weren't given enough information to make a decision.