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Published August 25, 2010, 05:25 PM

Ramsey County States Attorney Seeking Jail Time for Mitzel

The Ramsey County States Attorney says he will push for jail time in a case against a 93-year old Oberon, North Dakota woman.

Ramsey County States Attorney Lonnie Olson says he'll seek a 60-day jail sentence for Faith Mitzel.

Miztel has been charged with driving while her license was suspended and without liability insurance.

On Monday Mitzel asked for a jury trial for the 2 class B misdemeanors.

The maximum punishment for the crimes is 30 days in jail and a 1-thousand dollar fine for each, which Olson will be asking the judge to give Miztel if she is found guilty.

Mitzels attorney, Monty Stensland, says the prosecutor is trying to punish the 93-year old woman for a fatal crash in May, which Olson says is not the case.

"It would be within the courts sentencing discretions to sentence her to the 30 days on each charge," says Olson

In May, Mitzel was charged with crossing the center line other than over taking.

She hit two motorcycles injuring the drivers and killing a pregnant passenger.

She received a $20 fine and was not criminally charged.

Mitzel is due back in court on October 6th.