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Published August 25, 2010, 05:30 PM

Minnewauken School Enrollment Increases

Minnewauken students were back to school on Monday and their enrollment numbers have increased.

For some schools, 20 students might not be a big deal.

But to a school that could be swallowed by the rising waters of Devils Lake, 20 is a lot.

Some people would love to have water front property.

But when you're trying to teach more than 200 students, the water is nothing but a distraction.

Minnwauken Public School has seen an increase in students this year, even with water knocking at the door.

Superintendent Myron Jury says, "most of them come from Fort Totten and we like to think that we must be doing something they like because every year now its grown."

As of Right now the graduating class has 12 students.

The positive is that kindergarten through fourth grade all have around 20.

Jury says, "we have people asking for places to live every day. We have teachers that are commuting that would rather live here."

And just because their kids doesn't mean they don't think about the rising waters.

"It's a big discussion by parents and students, that what are we going to do if the water gets here and we don't have a school building anymore," said Jury.

The school is in the process of getting a grant to help them build a new school away from the waters edge.

Jury says "we'll be glad to see that come. It will be a lot of work and it will be a hurried up process but it'll be certainly worth it."

Minnewauken currently runs 7 buses to and from the school each day.

Jury says most of the students are coming from Devils Lake and Fort Totten.