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Published August 26, 2010, 05:33 PM

Nelson County Opposing Armoring of Tolna Coulee

Resolution to armor Tolna Coulee not sitting well with Lake Region.

Earlier this month city commissioners in Valley City as well as Barnes County proposed a resolution to the Army Corps of Engineers.

They're asking to armor the Tolna Coulee at 1,459 feet to prevent an uncontrolled release downstream.

This resolution isn't flowing easily in the Lake Region.

As of right now, Nelson County Road 4 doesn't have water over it, around it, or under it, but that could soon change.

On Monday night the Nelson County Commission wrote a letter to the Congressional Delegation...State Water Board..and Army Corp of Engineers, opposing the armoring of the Tolna Coulee.

They'd rather raise the road and put a controlled structure underneath it.

Odell Flaagan, chairman of the Nelson County Commission says, "it would be able to drain natural flow with no cost in the future to the state for pumping cost."

Flaagan says the resolution proposed by Barnes County is causing Nelson County to act faster.

Flaagan says, " it was a disappointment to the county because we don't want anymore water here then we got right now."

Nelson County wants to raise the road to an elevation of 1465 feet and add the controlled structure because if the Tolna Coulee were to break, they, like Valley City, are downstream.

"Because if water breaks out by itself we'll lose 3 roads going into Tolna and possibly the railroad tracks. It will cut the north people off," says Flaagan.

He says adding another structure would put a lot of people at ease.

Flaagan said, "it would help us out immensely here because of the roads and stuff like that it would all be taken care of."

More information will be given about proposed solutions when officials from the Lake Region go to Washington D.C. Next week.