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Published August 26, 2010, 07:08 PM

Arctic Cat's Million Sled Celebration

It's the million machine mark for Arctic Cat of Thief River Falls. Today the company rolled out it's one millionth snowmobile built since the factory reopened 27 years ago.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

27-years ago Arctic Cat was brought to back life after it went out of business. This is the first snowmobile to come off the line and now 999,999 machines later the company is celebrating.

Chris Twomey: "To come back and remember what was like Aug 1, 1983. Made the number one machine over here. At the point we were not dreaming about 1-million."

The roughly 12-hundred Arctic Cat employees working at the Thief River Falls plant posed for a picture in front of the millionth sled to come off the line today. Roger Skime started here in the early 60's.

Roger Skime/Long time employee: "I didn't get a job, I got an opportunity. To be a part of something, the industry and the sport. "

Arctic Cat CEO Chris Twomey says it was a recession in the early 80's that put the company out of business. He says the ride to a million has not alway been a smooth one.

Chris Twomey : "That is the success of business today. You can't do the same things in 83. You would not be around. We are changing every year. And the company has evolved, just as the product has evolved, the company has evolved."

Twomey says one of the biggest reasons for today's milestone is the people who built them.

Chris Twomey: "I'm not sure it can be done every place. There is something special about these town. And we have known that for 30 years. And we see it again it again today when we celebrate a million. "